Job TitleAI Network Leader
Reports toCOO, TechWorksHub Ltd
SalaryDependent on experience. Guide £50k – 65k p.a pro-rata.
Job TypeEmployee: fixed-term, part-time 
LocationUK Home-based, UK travel as necessary in fulfilment of duties
CommencingFeb 1st 2024, 13 calendar months - possible follow on position.

Who would this be suitable for?

We are seeking a passionate and dynamic individual with a deep interest in AI to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of collaborative work, interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including academics, engineers, developers, and business experts. You may be a recent PhD graduate, seeking the chance to gain valuable industry insights and exposure, making a significant impact on both business and technical fronts. This role offers a stimulating environment for those looking to further their expertise and contribute to cutting-edge advancements in AI.


TechWorks is the UK’s deep tech trade association. Established in 1996, originally as the National Microelectronics Institute, it has a mission to strengthen the UK's capabilities as a global leader of future technologies. It does this by forming ‘connected communities’ of corporate and professional interest which are influential in defining and shaping the advancements of the technology industry. We provide a platform to help our members strategically leverage the UK’s innovation and business environment to drive growth. Today, TechWorks has key communities covering semiconductor design and manufacture, embedded systems development, IoT cybersecurity and automotive innovation.

We plan to further enhance our industry services by creating and nurturing new communities that are relevant and valuable to the UK technology sector.

Background: We have recently won a publicly funded, collaborative project as part of an industry consortium which is aligned with our plans with Engineering Trustworthy AI Systems. Our role in the project is to help raise awareness of the trustworthiness problem in AI systems, build a Cross Working Group (xWG) of corporate partners to help validate and disseminate the project’s outputs.

We also aim to ensure the longer-term sustainability of the xWG and the AI lead will also help develop the wider programme which is uniquely appropriate to the TechWorks mission and can satisfy ongoing resources and investment to maintain the group beyond the project completion date.

To help us achieve this, we seek a competent, diligent, creative and flexible project leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a keen interest in AI and who is likely to have a background in computer science.


The primary responsibilities of the role are expected to include:

  1. Promote awareness of the project, the challenge it seeks to address and the approach we are taking.
  2. Attract interested parties into a newly created AI engineering TechWorks WG using appropriate methods such as social media, website updates, and direct contact outreach.
  3. Help to coordinate regular project meetings, briefings and communications with xWG participants and wider stakeholder groups.
  4. Plan and run at least 2 external events as part of the project delivery.


In doing so, the successful candidate will

  1. Oversee and drive progress for the successful implementation and delivery of the project.
  2. Work closely with external stakeholders to ensure project goals and objectives are achieved.
  3. Collaborate with the internal team for reporting, marketing, IT, and event management in support of project goals.
  4. Demonstrate excellent communication skills, both written and oral, to effectively engage with stakeholders and the internal support team.
  5. Be creative in thinking of innovative solutions to problems that arise and contribute suggestions and ideas to add value to the project outputs.
  6. Utilize their experience and qualifications to help guide the technical aspects of the project.



  1. Degree in computer science, electronic engineering, or a related field.
  2. Highly organised self-starter; goal-driven able to work unsupervised.
  3. Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage project-related activities effectively meeting time and budgetary constraints.
  4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  5. Able to inspire confidence and create trust, building strong relationships with team members, member companies and external stakeholders.
  6. Strong team player, able to work collaboratively with external stakeholders and internal support teams.
  7. Demonstrated passion and interest in the field of AI and related technology subjects.

This job description is tailored to accommodate a wide range of candidates.

Why you should apply:

TechWorks is a unique organisation and unlike other industry alliances or associations, we actually shape the direction of travel in multiple Deep Tech sectors within the UK and beyond.

By joining TechWorks, you will have a unique opportunity to personally influence industry, networking regularly with executive leadership and strategic stakeholders.

You will enjoy a high-level perspective of emerging trends and technologies, learning all the time and will take strategic and commercial responsibility for your own project

Do you want to make an impact? It’s why we are here!