Our Mission

TechWorks Mission is to strengthen the UK's deep tech capabilities as a global leader of future technologies.

To do this we form adjacent connected communities that are influential in defining and shaping the advancements of industry - providing a platform to help our members strategically leverage products and services to drive profitable growth.


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About TechWorks

Technology innovation has changed and is changing our world at an enormous rate creating new opportunities across all areas of industry and commerce. With this whirlwind of change comes huge political and societal changes, disrupting the established norms in all walks of life.

TechWorks is a new type of industry association at the core of the UK deep tech community with an ambition to harness our fantastic engineering and innovation to develop the UK’s position as a global technology super-power.

TechWorks operates beyond established silos by:

● Creating dynamic, connected technical and business communities to empower innovation and collaboration, supporting business growth and investment.

● Identifying the critical common challenges and leading responses to tackle them.

● Developing the UK tech ecosystem and partnerships across industry, academia and government to ensure the UK is amongst the best location globally to start, build and scale a Deep Tech organisation.

Why TechWorks & Why Now?

Tech-heavy businesses need to wrestle with an incredible level of complexity and an ever-increasing pace of change. Through the proliferation of electronic systems, everything is now becoming smart and connected. Many of today’s tools, processes and practices are no longer fit-for-purpose and organisations risk rapidly losing competitiveness. There is substantial disruption in every business sector, but this also brings opportunity.

Not only are we dealing with technology and market changes; rarely in recent memory have we experienced such political uncertainty too. The Government has stated it intends to step up to a new, active role that backs business and yet is also clear that industry is expected to take the lead. Doing nothing is not an option and we need to take leadership to secure our own future.

TechWorks has been formed in response to these changing dynamics. Our ambition is to significantly enhance the UK’s position as a leading node in the global technology development ecosystem. Our starting point is that deep technology development is critical to the UK’s future and yet we continue to wrestle with a lack of recognition and support to help achieve this ambition. We need to address this starting from within our industry and several of the most successful technology business leaders in the UK have agreed to lend their support to help steer us towards this goal.

What We Do

TechWorks serves members and industry in a number of ways:

● Build & engage deep tech communities - with world-class events and sector specific activities we build on our existing base of semiconductors and electronics systems to connect with future tech development and gather the brightest technical minds to share insights on current and future industry challenges and opportunities.

● Nurturing future skills - we develop tomorrow’s leaders and attract the most talented and energetic young people into our industry.

● Leadership - TechWorks brings together respected and dynamic leaders from a range of technology developers and manufacturers, applications sectors, investor community, academia and public sector to give punch to our grassroots connections.

● Branding – promote our members’ brands whilst also contributing to the developments of the UK’s reputation and Deep Tech excellence.

● Create and drive projects to deliver industry-wide improvement.

Connected Communities

TechWorks has established a novel membership model based around a series of Connected Communities. Each Community serves a group of member’s interest whilst at the same time remains connected to a wider ecosystem enabling cross-domain connections and working on common challenges.

It's important to note that we retain NMI Connected Communities in Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing and will continue to offer our traditional benefits to members.

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