Leadership Group Members

Leadership Group Members

The Semiconductor Century

Globally, the semiconductor device market is expected to double to more than $1 Trillion by 2030 (McKinsey). Today, all major technology trends are underpinned by semiconductor devices: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Future telecommunications, Quantum technologies, Space, Net Zero, Extended Reality and The Metaverse.

In the UK, there are hundreds of companies engaged in the whole value chain from innovation and design to product engineering, manufacturing and end-market consumption. With many countries now focused on growing their national semiconductor capabilities, there is a unique opportunity for the UK to grow our own semiconductor industry to ensure we too can compete on a global scale over the coming decades.

The Semiconductor Value Chain

The Semiconductor supply chain is a complex web of interdependent entities, each representing a uniquely valuable part of the overall business. Each part contributes to the end device value and is a valuable sub-sector in its own right. There are UK companies at each part of this value chain and by supporting businesses across the whole, the UK stimulates domestic demand, grows skills and enables the UK economy to capture more of the end-to-end value.

More information on each part of the value chain

Design Tools: Software (tools) for use in the design, simulation, validation, layout and fabrication of devices.

IP: Licensing business model, providing circuit blocks which are integrated into semiconductor devices.

Fabless Semiconductor: Designers and sellers of semiconductor devices who outsource manufacturing to another company.

Integrated Design & Manufacture (IDM): Designers and sellers of semiconductor devices who also manufacture in one organisation.

Manufacture / Foundry: Manufacturing of devices for other (fabless) semiconductor companies.

Packaging: Encapsulating the raw silicon chip into an external package for end-product integration. Often comprises multiple separate ‘chip-lets’.

Fab Equipment Supplier: Development and supply of the equipment used to manufacture devices.

Techworks request to the Chancellor

March 2024

Ahead of the March Budget, the UK Semiconductor Industry Urges The Chancellor to Provide Meaningful Support To Prevent UK Chip Industry Falling Further Behind Other G7 Countries...

Introductory Letter 

March 2023

Our open letter presents the rationale for forming the group and sets out our aims to provide balanced all-industry viewpoints based on a wide range of experience in semiconductor design, development, manufacture and business.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Support

November 2023

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, due on Wednesday 22nd November is an opportunity for the government to show that it recognises the challenges faced by the UK’s semiconductor manufacturing sector...

The UK Semiconductor Opportunity

March 2023

Our response to the UK Government Strategy, providing some further suggestions in support of the UK sector. We discuss the need for a complete eco-system to drive commercial success, building on UK strategic advantages.