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IoTSF Conference 2019

26th November 2019 ILEC Conference Centre, London

Cadence Techtalk: How to Improve Your Chip Design Performance and Productivity Using Machine Learning

8th DECEMBER 2021

Machine learning combined with distributed computing offers new capabilities to automate and scale RTL-to-GDS chip implementation flows, enabling design teams to support more, and increasingly complex, SoC projects. During this webinar, we will explain key technologies behind the new Cadence ® Cerebrus™ Intelligent Chip Explorer and the RTL-to-signoff implementation flow to show how they can help you achieve up to 10X productivity and 20% PPA improvements for implementation.

Cadence Connect: Club Formal Europe 2021

9th DECEMBER 2021

Ready to learn and share ideas about the latest formal verification best practices? Don’t miss this chance to extend your verification expertise and broaden your learning about the latest advances in the field. With the opportunity to hear from members of the Cadence® Jasper™ R&D team about the technology, roadmap, and use cases, be sure to attend this digital event.

TechWorks Industry Summit

9th DECEMBER 2021

The aim of the summit is to share the success and achievements of TechWorks in the last 12 months showcasing how we have risen to the challenges to support our member during these difficult times and to look forward to the opportunities that the Deep Tech sector offers us.

TechWorks Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony

9th DECEMBER 2021

The event brings together hundreds of executives & professionals from across the industry, providing an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders, meet new clients or host existing clients and build brand awareness.

Building a Trusted AI-based System: Bringing it All Together

25th JANUARY 2022

NMI Electronic Systems Design Group presents a Series of 3 Webinars: Building a Trusted AI-based System. In this third and final webinar we discuss how to build a trusted AI-based system. This includes demonstrating that the integration of cloud processing with the edge devices and communication infrastructure discussed in previous webinars is secure as well functional.