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Funding boost for chips that could help to fuel AI advancements and reach net zero

Two new ‘Innovation and Knowledge Centres (IKC)’ will receive £11 million each to help bring new chip technologies to market. Each focuses on an area of British leadership on the world stage – silicon photonics and compound chips – as DSIT delivers £1 billion semiconductor strategy. £4.8 million funding for…

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DSIT : Business leaders urged to toughen up protections against cyber attacks

New guidelines will help directors and business leaders boost their cyber resilience, as UK government says cyber threats should be prioritised as a key business risk like financial and legal challenges The proposed Code sets out key actions for Directors to take to strengthen their cyber resilience and help them…

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UK Semiconductor Infrastructure Initiative

In May 2023, the UK Government published the National Semiconductor Strategy. Following on from this, the newly formed Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) commissioned a study to understand the technical and economic feasibility of developing specific capabilities.