Engineering Trustworthy AI


Over the summer of 2023, TechWorks ran a number of events with the UK technology sector tackling the subject of Trustworthy AI.

The events were well attended, attracting representatives from over 60 organisations, from industry bluechips and SME’s, academia and trade bodies. Each party has a self-declared interest in the opportunities and challenges that AI represents.

TechWorks’ is the UKs Deep Tech Hub which hosts many technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers and business visionaries hence the events had an innovation and engineering focus. Our stated ambition; to identify opportunities to collaborate on the technical building blocks that will deliver on the vision of trustworthy AI systems and hence “Engineering Trustworthy AI” was the premise under which these meetings were convened.

The discussions were both deep and wide ranging, covering many different perspectives. In this paper, we summarise the key findings on 18 of those perspectives and circulate them for wider consideration across the TechWorks' member communities.

What's Next?

TechWorks will convene an AI Innovation Cross Working Group (AI xWG) in the coming months and invite members [1] to participate. We have been careful to identify the areas that are of interest to our members and the safe advancement of the technology in general.

[1] any member from the TechWorks community of AESIN, IoTSF, NMI, techNES or PEUK.

Want to get involved?

We are seeking a passionate and dynamic individual with a deep interest in AI to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of collaborative work, interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including academics, engineers, developers, and business experts.

You may be a recent PhD graduate, seeking the chance to gain valuable industry insights and exposure, making a significant impact on both business and technical fronts.