TechWorks TV aims to stimulate discussion and debate on topics that industry leaders are passionate about.

In this Episode

In Episode 1 of TechWorks TV our host Neil Dickins, Founder IC Resources, is joined by TechWorks Chairman, Sir Hossein Yassaie and SEMI Europe President, Laith Altimime. Our guests analyse the current implications COVID-19 has had on the tech industry and the technology that has kept us connected throughout the pandemic. Neil Dickins also asks the question of how the tech industry in the UK and Europe have been impacted by BREXIT and how the two regions can work together going forward. Laith offers a valuable insight to the semiconductor chip shortage as he provides his personal view on how Europe is dealing with it and what we need to do in order to get through the crisis. This episode is proudly sponsored by IC Resources, the recognised recruitment partner to the global technology community.

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What is TechWorks TV?

TechWorks releases a new series of programs that hosts interviews with industry leaders as they discuss the emerging trends and challenges within the Deep Tech Industry. Covering topics such as the Semiconductor Shortage, Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber Security and more.

The Deep Tech industry is a world that is constantly evolving and innovating, however, in recent times it has been forced to adapt and overcome challenges, particularly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. TechWorks continuously work closely with its members and the wider community and are in a strong position to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by industry.

TechWorks TV aims to stimulate discussion and debate on topics that industry leaders are passionate about. Episode 1 welcomes TechWorks Chairman, Sir Hossein Yassaie, SEMI Europe President, Laith Altimime and IC Resources Founder, Neil Dickins. The guests provide their views on the COVID-19 Pandemic and BREXIT from a UK and European perspective and how we can continue to work together going forward.

Alan Banks, TechWorks CEO had this to say on TechWorks TV: “We believe TechWorks TV is a unique opportunity to capture the views and opinions of elite industry leaders. Each episode will stimulate debate, with guests offering their view on the key issues within industry. Our prime focus at TechWorks is to collaborate and innovate and we welcome industry leaders to reach out and participate in upcoming episodes.”

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Our Speakers

Sir Hossein Yassaie

Sir Hossein Yassaie is a recognised figure on the world technology stage and an entrepreneur with a deep belief in disruptive technologies/strategies. He was founder & CEO of Imagination Technologies Plc until 2016, where he created a business powering billions of devices. He was also behind the iconic consumer brand Pure. He now has a portfolio of non-executives chairmanships/directorships and investments in disruptive/global tech companies including Ultraleap, Atomos, Unique Dining, Uniphy,, Kokoon, & others. His activities span across AI, next-gen user interfaces, cloud platforms, health tech, IoT and the non-tech area of experiential dining. He is passionate about helping start-up and smaller growth companies to achieve global success and scale.

Laith Altimime

As President of SEMI Europe, Laith Altimime leads SEMI’s activities in Europe and Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He has overall responsibility for regional events, programs, membership, advocacy, and collaborative forums. Additionally, he manages and nurtures relationships with SEMI members in the region, as well as with local associations and constituents in industry, government, and academia. He provides support and services to SEMI members worldwide that have supply chain interests in Europe.

Altimime has more than more than 30 years of international experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining SEMI in 2015, he has held leadership positions at NEC Semiconductors, Communicant, KLA-Tencor, Infineon, Qimonda and Imec. Altimime holds an MSc from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

Neil Dickens

In 1999, a weak link existed in the UK technology industry’s internal supply chain: there was no recruitment partner working in the best long term interests of the technology community. As a co-founder of IC Resources, Neil started the business with the vision of helping individuals and companies to achieve their long term ambitions within a prosperous and exciting sector. Staying true to our vision is the only real business decision he ever made or, now, makes. Candidates love to have someone acting as their personal ‘agent’ and customers always value expertise and insight-led services. Our hard work and industry commitment have enabled us to become the recognised recruitment partner to the global technology community.

Neil now has the opportunity to focus on his professional passions, including: 1) Ensuring that we maintain the highest level of quality and customer service while we grow the company. 2) Working with NMI as their link to government on visa and immigration issues. 3) Evangelising recruitment ‘best practice’ and how the right strategies can support business success and 4) Sponsoring and participating in high profile industry conferences and supporting UKESF, the skills foundation.