TechWorks AI’ Launches at Iconic Bletchley Park Bringing Together AI & Deep Tech Industry Expertise

16th April 2024 | News

Landmark Launch of AI Community to Focus on the Necessity of Engineering Trustworthy AI

TechWorks, the industry association at the core of the UK deep tech community has announced the landmark launch of ‘TechWorks AI’ at the Iconic Bletchley Park to facilitate innovation and address the threats that a growing world of AI tech affords. The launch unites the proven communities of TechWorks to collaborate on the future evolution of AI systems, commencing with a focus on ‘engineering trustworthy AI’.

Governments and organisations are witnessing the stark reality of AI technology, the challenges faced and the importance of ascertaining the trustworthiness of AI as it underpins all aspects of our future. The nature of these challenges, and the possible solutions, is an area in which the combined Techworks community has significant breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

TechWorks brings together five industry bodies covering electronic systems in automotive innovation, IoT cyber security and semiconductor manufacturing, design, and embedded systems. The new AI initiative will allow the collaboration of expertise across these bodies to combine this knowledge and the technical building blocks needed to engineer trustworthy AI.

John Moor, COO of TechWorks commented...

“This is a milestone moment for the members of TechWorks and UK innovation. The use and evolution of AI systems is common to our prosperity and this is why we have taken the time to understand how to support its development in a meaningful way. All technology is dual purpose - it can be used beneficially, as intended, but it can also be weaponized and this is especially true for artificial intelligence and all its subdomains. Today we are delighted to announce the launch of TechWorks AI which builds on a deep and substantial base of expertise with our initial focus on 'engineering trustworthy AI.'

AI technology has developed at rocket speed in recent years and those advancements are expected to accelerate in the foreseeable future so diverse expertise must be brought together to ensure AI technology is safe, secure and underpinned with trustworthy engineering. Prior to the launch, TechWorks published a detailed whitepaper outlining why the combined industry bodies are perfectly placed to help support governments and organisations to understand the importance of developing trustworthy and responsible AI.

John Moor added...

“We are keen to evaluate and proliferate trust mechanisms throughout AI systems. Given the breadth of expertise within the TechWorks membership base, we are confident we can guide the future trustworthiness of AI systems. This requires coordinated teamwork and that is at the very heart of TechWorks AI. To all stakeholders, I invite you to engage with us, join the TechWorks AI team and help make this transformational technology safe and beneficial for all.

Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI, said...

“AI is already transforming the way we work and improving lives through healthcare advances and better public services, but we can only continue to harness such advantages if we firmly grip the risks associated with its rapid development.

“The UK government is investing in equipping businesses with the guidance and support they need to use AI responsibly, but we’ve been clear that industry and civil society play their own crucial role in ensuring the future of AI is safe, trustworthy and beneficial.

“I am delighted that TechWorks is bringing together the brightest minds in industry to respond to the challenges posed by AI, building on the “Bletchley effect” and the foundations laid at the first AI Safety Summit in November. This new community is further proof of the UK’s position as a trailblazer in AI safety.”

To find out more about the launch of ‘TechWorks AI’ please visit-

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