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Data Protection

TechWorks will use member information provided to us for marketing, administration, statistical analysis and promotional purposes. We may contact our members by telephone, fax, post or email. Company details may be made available to other members, where appropriate, such as instigating collaboration between members, however in such cases members will be contacted before details are passed on and will have the option to refuse to have non-public information disclosed.

TechWorks may also use member information for other organisations run by or involving TechWorks, such as Technology Scotland, IoT Security Foundation, AESIN, Power Electronics UK, ESCO etc. You will only ever be contacted by these organisations when we deem the subject matter is of interest.

TechWorks takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the information held is accurate. Each TechWorks member is entitled to see a copy of the information TechWorks holds at any time and can have that information updated or corrected if it is inaccurate.

TechWorks relies on it’s members to keep us up to date with contact and company changes and cannot take responsibility for errors related to information that has not been passed on.

TechWorks will never pass your information onto a third-party without contacting you first.


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Data Protection Number Z9145862


From 26th May 2012, EU Regulations stipulate that all websites must make you aware of any non-essential cookies being written to your system.

This site uses one essential cookie and one cookie for Google Analytics. This will not collect any personal information on visitors to the site and will only be used for statistical purposes.

When you visit this site, a Google Analytics cookie will be written to your computer. TechWorks uses the statistical information to improve the site and see which areas are of most interest to our visitors.

If you do not wish to be included, please disable cookies and clear all temporary internet files from your browser.

Please note, this may result in loss of some functionality of this site and others.

On-line Registration Forms

Email addresses received from the on-line Newsletter Registration Form will be stored and used to send Newsletters as well as other items or notices that are believed to be of interest to registered users.

Email addresses received from the on-line Members Area Registration form will be used to set up an on-line Members Area account. This email will also be stored for future communications that we believe will be of interest to you.

Email Enquiries

Data received via email enquiries will be used solely to follow up your enquiry.