ResiCAV Highlights the ‘Urgent Need’ for a UK Automotive Cybersecurity Centre

22nd May 2020 | News

Ground-breaking ResiCAV Project Highlights ‘Urgent Need’ for UK Road Transport Cybersecurity Programme

The ground-breaking ResiCAV project has looked at how the mobility industry will detect, understand, and respond to emerging cybersecurity threats in real-time.  The project investigated how Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and their associated infrastructure should be tested, certified, and provide “real-time responsiveness” to cybersecurity threats.

It is the first project of its kind and brings together unique expertise in automotive engineering, cybersecurity systems and artificial intelligence

The project is helping to shape the UK’s position as leaders in cybersecurity for connected and automated mobility. 

AESIN has worked with the Automotive Council UK, the UK’s Centre for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CCAV), and Zenzic over several years; with a focus on automotive cyber security through the AESIN Security Workstream chaired by Peter Davies of Thales.

The ResiCAV project builds directly on the outputs of the AESIN Security Workstream, assessing the feasibility of the methods developed by the Workstream members.

AESIN is already engaged with both National and International organisations in the Automotive Electronics Supply chain including global suppliers of vehicles and is looking forward to working in collaboration with the project contributors and wider stakeholders, playing a major role in the UK’s leadership in Cyber Security for CAVs.

Paul Jarvie, Director of AESIN at TechWorks said “It was great to participate in this significant Cyber Security Project and look forward to the next opportunity steps and opportunity for the AESIN Security Workstream to play an active role in achieving these exciting goals of Cyber Resilient CAVs.”

John McNicol of Nova Modus, who supported AESIN prior to and throughout the project, commented: “The world-class experts involved in ResiCAV have charted the course to provide cyber resilience for connected and automated vehicles: a Centre of Excellence for testing and certification and for ongoing defence against threats”

Anthony Martin, Head of Vehicle Resilience, HORIBA MIRA said “HORIBA MIRA were delighted to lead the ResiCAV project with our world class partners which focused on developing the proposals for resilient connected and autonomous vehicles. With a large consortium of 11 participants the AESIN project management team were able to provide an effective communication and operational framework – allowing efficient knowledge transfer and strengthening credence across multiple sectors; critical to achieving the global perspective of the required project aims. We would welcome an opportunity to engage in future project work involving AESIN and the other partners involved.”

For further details and access to the project report – please visit

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